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I have been shown that our HeartSpace is the Pathway to Divine Connection and to the Realm of Divine Mind Within. In this realm, complete wholeness simply IS.


As we consciously open our HeartSpace, unite all of our chakras and actively travel the Pathway, we ignite our healing attributes on a much more expansive level.

The online session includes:

  • Meditation

  • You and I, in communion, shifting your energy

  • Using non-physical sacred geometric patterns to assist in your healing

  • Discussion

Since the session is guided intuitively, the following may also be included:

  • Sound healing (toning and/or sacred musical instruments)

  • healing light language

  • Crystal healing

  • Pulling cards (Angel, Oracle or similar cards)

  • Verbal guidance

Please note that I am not healing you nor do I heal you. I simply assist you in reinvigorating and shifting the energies of your physical and non-physical bodies, helping to create the environment for healing.

To Register:

Send sacred circulation of $111 or Pay What You Can to either:

Leave a note/comment in the payment portal with your email address, dates and times of availability.

You will will receive an email response containing Session information, including the Zoom Login.


Click below to contact Peaceful Praise for further discussion.

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